Armory Revival Corporation

Current Projects

Rejuvenation, LLC

Rejuvenation conjures up images of exotic spas, holistic retreats, posh salons… and in Providence, RI, of imaginatively restored historic houses, courtesy of  Rejuvenation, LLC. Driven by a long-standing passion for restoring special properties in the historic neighborhoods of Providence, Rejuvenation, managed by The Armory Revival Company, has actively sought out historic buildings that are in disrepair; transforming these once-neglected gems into fabulous homes, artfully renovated and updated with beautiful new kitchens and baths and cutting edge energy conservation systems. Founded in the midst of the 2008 mortgage foreclosure crisis, Rejuvenation restores properties, in close proximity to each other so as to build an immediate, synergistic community, in targeted areas on the West Side and Elmwood, and in so doing extends the community building work of The Armory Revival Company to a new generation of homebuyers.

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The Armory Revival Company

The Armory Revival Company (TARC) has over 30 years of experience in planning, rehabbing and marketing historic buildings in southeastern New England. Founded in 1986 in Providence’s historic Armory District, The Armory Revival Company has been a driving force in the revitalization of Providence’s West Side. We have a passion for historic properties, for interesting design and for creating distinctive places to live and work.


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