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The Armory Revival Company

334 Broadway
Providence, RI 02909 | Get Directions (Google)

Phone: 401-272-2720
Emergency/After Hours: 866-373-8126
Fax: 401-421-6776

Residential Leasing

Kara Zopfi
Office: 401-272-2720

Commercial for Lease

Seth Zeren
Office: 401-272-2720
Cell: 401-286-4783

Small Office Leasing

Peter Van Noppen
Office: 401-272-2720
Cell: 401-477-0064

Properties for Sale

Jane Driver
Cell: 401-641-3723

Service and Maintenance Requests

Daytime Weekdays:
After-Hours: 401-276-3072

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TARC: 334 Broadway, Providence RI.
PH: (401) 272-2720
FX: (401) 421-6776
EMAIL: (general)